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Pokemon Sales Post (last updated April 26, 2019)

- Sales permission granted on June 7th, 2017 by areica96.
- All PKMNCollectors community rules apply.
- I will only sell to community members.
- My feedback can be found here.
- Items come from a smoke-free home, but I do have a little Dachshund that shares the same air space. Please keep this in mind if you have severe allergies.

- Please clearly state if you are committed to an item - priority will go to those who commit. Payment is due within 24 hours of commitment.
- I can hold items within reason.
- If you back out of a commitment, I will have to leave negative feedback.
- Please do not edit or delete your comment; instead, reply to your original comment.
- Feel free to haggle! But please do not be offended if I turn you down or haggle back :)

- All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or Paypal fees.
- I accept Paypal only - please choose ‘pay for goods and services’. Or, use my link here: https://www.paypal.me/squeekz1212 (ensure you change the currency to USD!)
- *If you live outside of Canada, please ensure your Paypal account has a phone number associated with it, or include it in the Payment notes. I can't create a shipping label without it!

- I ship from Ontario, Canada using Canada Post.
- Shipping Prices (assuming non-flat)
     - Within Canada starts at $9 tracked.
     - To the USA starts at $5.50 untracked, $11 tracked.
     - International starts at $7.50 untracked, $25 tracked.
- I will reuse shipping material when possible!
- I can normally ship items within 2 days of payment being sent.
- I am not responsible for items once they are mailed - please purchase tracking if this is a concern.

Eeveelution Cable Figures NIP
(Flattened box can be included on request - didn't come with any candy or inserts).

Eevee (x2) - $9
Espeon (x2) -  $10
Umbreon (x2) - $10
Glaceon (x1) - $10

- Looking to clear some space, feel free to make offers! - 

2015 Japanese Pokemon Center Raichu Kuttari (MWT) - $15 (SOLD)

2012 Japanese Pokemon Center Whimsicott Mascot (MWT) - $10

Pykumuku Putitto Figure (comes with paper insert) - $5

2016 Japanese Pokemon Center Alola Marowak Plush (MWT) - $20 $17

2013 Bandai Kimewaza BW5 Series Leafeon kid figure - $4 (or $5 if you'd like the sticker, sweet & flattened box)

Hot Topic Alola Starters Earrings (unused) - $5
Hot Topic Eeveelution Earrings (unused) - $5

Eevee & Glaceon Zukan figures (from the set with Leafeon) - $5/each or both for $8

Pokemon Center Mimikyu gacha figure - $6

2017 Sleepy Rockruff figure - $5

2017 US Pokemon Center Eeveelutions Elements Lanyard - bag is torn on the left side from opening, otherwise mint - $7

Free with purchase (One per order please):

Le Maison D'Eievui Sticker
Pokemon Starters tissues
Vulpix/Cutiefly tissues
Squirtle figure

2013 giant XY starters/legendaries bag

2013 Green-on-yellow Pikachu bag x4 x3
2016 Blue-on-yellow Pikachu/Alola Starters bag x2 x1
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