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Group shot! Scroll down for pics of individual items & my side collection ^_^





Close up of the corkboard display with my charms/keychains and pretty flats.

This is Lily ^_^ She was a gift from a fellow user and she lives on my desk cos she's special <3

TCG things!

See below for pics, info and thoughts for each item! I organized them into Plush, Figures, Charms/Keychains/Pins, Flats, Trading Cards and Misc. Within each section, items are organized by brand and then year (reverse chronologically by release date). I may be a bit of an organization freak don't judge me xD I'm looking for more details on anything that begins with an asterisk (*)!

>> Plush <<

- - - Pokemon Center - - -

2017 Pokemon Center (US) Poke Plush - aka Lily! She's the first plush I've ever named :) A very kind PKMNC member picked her up at Walmart for me when I mentioned I'd like a replacement for my TTO/machine-washed Japanese version, and wasn't able to order from the PokemonCenter due to living in Canada. What a sweet thing for them to do, I'm so grateful ^_^ Lily is special and sits on my desk or bedside table.

2017 Pokemon Center (JP) Eevee poncho mascot - tiny and adorable and daft xD Cute tag art, too!

2017 Pokemon Center (JP) large sleeping cushion plush - unfortunately she can't be displayed with the others because of her size, so she stays in my bedroom (usually on the bed!). But I displayed the tag on my corkboard so she gets some representation! These guys aren't as soft and squishy as we'd all hoped but still a super cute plush and the tag art is adorable :D

2017 Pokemon Center (JP) Pokedoll - Love the new Pokedoll design! So soft and well made ^_^ Though they all seem to have the same bent left ear - weird!

2017 Pokemon Center (JP) Pokedoll mochi mascot - my most well-travelled/loved plush - he comes with me in my handbag whenever I go any distance. Works great as a stress ball xD

2016 Pokemon Center (JP) Sapporo Snow Bunny - super cute and so soft and squishy/mochi ^_^ Adorable tag art, too.

2015 Pokemon Center (US) Kuttari Cutie awake beanie - I LOVE how the US PC uses elastic to attach hang tags! As you can tell I detach most of my hang tags because they are more of a pain than they're worth, and the elastic means it isn't permanent so it isn't a 'big decision' to remove them.

2015 Pokemon Center (JP) Kuttari Cutie asleep beanie - it bugs me more than it should that these 2 are not the same release xD I think I will one day end up with an awake & asleep version of both the US and Japanese release!

2015 Pokemon Center (JP) Pokemon Time mascot - aka Space Cadet/Saucer Pupils xD Very cute plush and love the tag art!

2013 Pokemon Center (JP) Sitting Pose plush - this one seems kinda rare and I've seen it listed for crazy $$$. Was super happy when I found a bagged/MWT for super cheap on Y!J. I love the sensible sitting pose and the slight smirk - very regal and catlike ^_^

2012 Pokemon Center (JP) Mini Pokedoll Mascot - there's no way in heck I would have been able to keep him MIP xD Such a cutie, and I love the artwork that sits behind him.

2009 Pokemon Center (JP) Canvas plush - another favourite, though I am looking for a second one MWT to display with my other MWT Canvas Eeveelus. (As a side, I had been looking so hard for a more symmetrical one until I saw the tag art and realized that the left forefoot is meant to be raised up!)

2008 Pokemon Center (JP) Pokedoll - unfortunately this plush was put in the washing machine by its previous owner. Its tag is faded and it has a slightly fragrant smell (lol) but otherwise is very cute and in good condition.

2008 Pokemon Center (JP) Pokedoll - this one has its tag and was bought as a replacement for the one above. I was planning to sell the washed one, but I actually think he's cuter than the one with its tag, and I doubt he would have any value other collectors so I decided to keep them both ^_^

- - - Tomy - - -

2017 US Tomy sitting plush - not keen on the velboa so I put off getting this one for so long, but it had a less derpy face than the previous ones I had seen and was the last in the shop so I didn't want to miss out xD Forgot to include a pic of the tag, but who cares about US tags anyway lol! I believe this is pretty much the same plush as the Japanese 2012 Takara Tomy plush.

2017 US Tomy Toys R Us exclusive plush - She's essentially the same plush as the other US Tomy except the face. I was unsure about this one, but after I purchased her she grew on me. I love seeing her cheeky face among the others!

2017 US Tomy keychain plush - Tiny and super derpy but I kinda like him for it xD

2008 Takara Tomy D/P plush - one of the first Leafeon releases (if not the first?) and probably my favourite plush. Its the one that most represents in-game Leafeon for me. Mine is TTO and save for a small amount of cracking on the tail paint she's mint :D and a nice shape too - I've seen some of these plush lean heavily to one side or be otherwise asymmetrical. I was lucky to find this for a super reasonable BIN price - I was ecstatic when she arrived!

2008 Takara Tomy Mattari (chillout) Beanie Plush - I'm a sucker for all things beanie and this guy is certainly a cutie, but I wish he wasn't stuffed so much (kinda makes the beans moot!) and that they had used minky instead of the 'terry cloth'.

- - - Banpresto UFO Prizes - - -

2017 Banpresto UFO prize large Relax Time plush - cute, super fuzzy and kinda soft, but what a pain to display! I have him sitting on the plant pot in the back corner.

2017 Banpresto UFO prize I <3 Eievui large standing plush - I had to search to find one of these at a good price and with relatively straight legs xD This plush has the softest fabric I've ever felt!

2015 Banpresto UFO prize I <3 Eievui Hanging plush - I don't have much info on this one (so not sure what the pretty pattern is about) but he's so adorable with his tiny lil forelegs!

2013 Banpresto UFO prize I <3 Eievui DX plush - This guy was a gift in the 2018 PKMNCollectors Spring Secret Swap ^_^ Super cute - just wish he had longer forelegs so his neck wasn't so giraffe-like xD

2013 Banpresto UFO prize I <3 Eievui Trump Card Plush - not too sure why they attached playing cards to them but hey, its kinda neat! This guy's nose is kinda.. silly. But otherwise he's pretty cute!

2013 Banpresto UFO prize I <3 Eievui Sitting Plush - this is probably my least favourite plush that I have :( His ears are majorly cracked and bent and he doesn't sit without his forelegs hovering - I probably wouldn't have bought him if I knew. I love the colours and the design of the plush, this is just a particularly bad specimen haha. I'll replace him sometime in the future methinks.

2012 Banpresto UFO prize I <3 Eievui standing keychain plush - my first ever Leafeon plush! My enormous collection is all thanks to this guy xD

- - - Jakks Pacific - - -

2009 Jakks Pacific mini plush - when I first started collecting Leafeon I thought this was the UGLIEST plush lmao, and he kinda is tbh :x but also somehow super charming. The longer pile and the way his face is shaped reminds me of a classic teddy bear for some reason. I bought this one from a fellow user and he TTO (the hang tag is in a really odd place for this plush anyway!) Otherwise he's in great condition (and has become one of my favourites!) I'm glad I have one that looks at least kind of normal lol, some of them are maximum derp!

- - - Customs - - -

2017 Vulpes_Canis custom simplified plush - love the enormous and detailed ears and tail! Exactly what I was hoping for ^_^

2017 Lordboop custom tsum plush - I can't get over how cute this guy is! Pics don't do him justice. Lil tater <3

2017 Crochet Custom Plush (by my friend Sierra) - A custom plush my friend made for me for Christmas after she saw my collection! Such a sweet gift ^_^

>> Figures/Statues <<

- - - King Finger Studios - - -

2017 King Finger Studios statue - love this thing! I was unsure about the face until I saw it in real life. One of the most unique items I have!

- - - Jakks Pacific - - -

2010 Jakks Pacific articulated figure - one of the nicest figures made IMO! Love the articulation. Fortunately I didn't want to keep it MIP as Canada Post kindly destroyed the packaging for me >_<

- - - Pokemon Center - - -

2017 Pokemon Center (JP) gacha Putitto figure - This is actually the second one that I bought because the first got lost in the mail. Totally worth paying twice - adore this figure! Definitely a favourite.

2017 Pokemon Center (JP) gacha Eevee poncho figure - PC gacha figures are always so well made and adorable!

2013 Pokemon Center (JP) Pokedoll Figure - looooove this figure! Super weighty, matte paint and just adorable ^_^

- - - Takara Tomy - - -

2017 Takara Tomy Moncolle GET Series #13 Figure -  much smaller than I thought it would be! A cery cute almost chibi version of Leafeon. Kinda sad you can't remove it from the base though!

2017 Takara Tomy Moncolle GET Series #13 Figure (Secret Shiny) - the rare pearlescent version of the above.

2013 Takara Tomy Ippai Figure - adorable pose but not too keen on the weird smile xD

2013 Takara Tomy Chupa Surprise Figure - another favourite! Tiny with a unique pose <3

2013 Takara Tomy Eevee Friends Figure - Rather similar to the moncolle in material but with a different pose. Not my favourite figure but cute nonetheless!

2013 Takara Tomy B&W Zukan piece - It came as a set with Jolteon and Eevee, but I purchased the Leafeon piece on its own from a fellow member. Its incredibly detailed for its size and one of my favourite figures!

2009 Takara Tomy Battle Mountain Figure - came as part of a play set. Love the pose!

2008 Chupa Chups/Takara Tomy ARTS Chupa Surprise Figure - Rather rare and I've seen this guy go for ridiculous $$$ so I was happy to get him from a fellow member for a reasonable price! Love the pose, but I'm thinking of trying to fix the paint so his nose is more visible.

2008 Takara Tomy Diamond/Pearl Zukan piece - (the other 2 figures are for sale!)

2007 Takara Tomy MonColle Figure - a staple for any Pokemon collection! Not hugely keen on glossy paint, though xD

- - - Banpresto - - -

2013 Banpresto UFO Prize Chibi Kyun Chara Figure - I adore this figure - its heavy and well made with a kind of velvety matte finish. The head detaches so you can have her facing any direction - I like her turned slightly ^_^ The stand is neat too but I'm glad the figure isn't attached in any way so you don't have to use it.

- - - Bandai - - -

2013 Bandai Kimewaza BW5 Series kid figure - Took some time for the kid figures to grow on me, but I concede - they're adorable ^_^

2013 Bandai Best Wishes "Genesect Volume" kid figure - I think I'll be looking for the shiny and clear versions of this one for some time!

* Bandai "Pouncing Kid" - Need to look for more info on the release of this one! Definitely my favourite kid figure.

* Bandai Chou Get Set 13 Figure - not sure on the year this set was released. Cute figure but I'm not a fan of the base!

2008 Bandai Joint Palace Figure - I love the hips-to-the-side pose on this figure. Super cute!

- - - Furuta - - -

2017 Furuta Choco Egg Figure - so happy to have one with a decent paint job, and I much prefer this without the red base!

>> Charms/Keychains/Pins <<

- - - Banpresto - - -

2018 Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Eevee & Antiques metal keychain/charm - no idea what Leafeon is sitting in front of, but its a beautiful charm nonetheless!

2017 Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Eevee & Flowers metal keychain/charm - so glad I could get hold of this beautiful thing at a reasonable price thanks to a super lovely eBay seller!

2013 Banpresto Keychain Figure - adorable and well made, what else can you say!

- - - Pokemon Center - - -

2018 Pokemon Center (JP) Pokemon With You can badge - super happy to have picked this up on release so I could contribute to the charity it was released for!

2017 Pokemon Center (JP) Pokedoll pin - had to look hard to find this at a reasonable price!

2016 Pokemon Center (JP) Kuttari metal charm - originally came with Eevee and Sylveon attached below, but I just wanted him so glad I could pick him up from a fellow member xD Such a cutie!

2016 Pokemon Center (JP) Pokemon With You charm - so pretty <3

2015 Pokemon Center (JP) Pokemon Time figure strap - cute and derpy and I love how the backing of the package can be turned over and used as a bookmark!

2015 Pokemon Center (JP) Pokemon Time Rubber Strap

2013 Pokemon Center (JP) cell phone figure strap - adorable and tiny. Was originally attached to my DS but I got too scared of it breaking xD

2011 Pokemon Center sitting charm - came as part of a set with the other Eeveelus. Very pretty and detailed ^_^

- - - Pokebox - - -

2017 Pokebox keychain/charm - I prefer previous versions but didn't want to miss out on another Pokebox charm! Very well-made and I love how its double sided :D

>> Flats <<

- - - Pokemon Center - - -

2017 Pokemon Center Pokedoll memo tin (with its 2 types of memos) - so cute, one of the first non-3D items I purchased!

2017 Eievui & Colorful Friends clear plastic postcard (Version  3 - Leafeon & Sylveon) - a free gift for spending a certain amount during this promotion. I was lucky enough to have it included by a lovely eBay seller who knows I love Leafeon!

2017 Eievui & Colorful Friends clear plastic postcard (Version 6 - all eeveelutions) - again, included for free from my favorite eBay seller!

2012 Eevee Collection post card - I adore this artwork. Tempted by the clearfile, placemat/coaster set & tumbler that also uses this artwork.

- - - Deco Chara - - -

* Pan sticker/Deco Chara seal - I've always wondered where these come from and just found out! Pan (bread) stickers are included as free gifts with a packaged bread snack thing in Japan. Neat! This one came free with an eBay order ^_^ Not sure on year though.

- - - Bandai - - -

2013 Bandai Kimewaza BW5 Series kid sticker - came with the kid figure, these stickers don't do too much for me but they're nice to have!

2013 Bandai Best Wishes "Genesect Volume" kid sticker

* Bandai Wafer Sticker - not sure on the date, but looks awesome!

- - - Customs - - -

2017 Lordboop custom sticker - SO CUTE look at her lil cheeks <3

- - - Trading Cards - - -

2017 Pokemon Center (JP) 'Eevee & Colors' Deck Box - I forced myself to wait until I started playing the TCG to get this xD Its beautiful - super soft pseudo leather with a velvety lining and a magnetic closing. The details are gorgeous - I almost wish I could display it instead of using it!

2017 Pokemon Center (JP) Eevee Poncho Deck Sleeves - obviously had to have these for my grass deck xD

Leafeon GX - 139/156 - Full Art Ultra Rare - Was lucky enough to pull this from the first Ultra Prism booster pack I opened!!

Leafeon GX - 13/156 - Ultra Rare - ... and then pulled the regular GX a few packs later!

BW87 Promo - love this artwork and anything that uses it!

DP-P/069 (Japanese version)

>> Etc <<

2018 Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Eevee & Antiques glass - such a beautiful glass with patterns on front and back. Love the 470 on the back!

2018 Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Eevee & Antiques glass - I don't really get the hand towel craze but this came with the glass & charm as a set. I didn't really like the pattern at first, but I display it folded up inside the glass with just Leafeon showing and it's really grown on me!

2017 Pokemon Center (JP) Eevee & Colorful Friends hoodie - I wear this lots as you can probably tell! One of my fav items of clothing hehe.

2013 Pokemon Center (JP) Le Maison de Eievui Stamp - little disappointed in the quality of the stamp, I think the pad is uneven so you end up with lighter bits in the middle. Maybe because of its age. I'd love to get just one nice print from it so I can display it!

2013 Showa Note clip - came as part of a set with the other eeveelutions. Pretty cute!

* 2017 Holiday Ornament - came in a set with the rest of the Eeveelutions. Not sure on the brand.

* Tiny face stamp - Not sure on brand or year, but so smol and so cute.

>> Side Collection/Misc Plush <<

My full set of Canvas Eeveelutions! So excited to have them all ^_^ And the ditto gacha figures below because they're just amazing :D I'm really hoping they release Leafeon, Glaceon & Sylveon ditto gacha figures sometime in the future so I can have a full set of those as well!

The rest of my Ditto gacha figures - I'd love to have them all someday! Though I need to think of a way to display them.

Some more desk mates - Arcanine simplified plush (by vulpes_canis) and Cubone kuttari :D

My Alola mascot cuties! Litten, Rowlet, Popplio & Mimikyu Sanei mascots & Cosmog PC mascot sitting in the mini Lillie's duffel bag. That's the collectors game guide below (which I really haven't used enough - such a nice book!) and the Solgaleo figure that came with the Sun collectors game.

The other side - affectionately nicknamed 'Misc' xD Raichu and Vaporeon kuttaris, Alolan Vulpix Pokedol, Ditto custom (by Helaenaa), Vaporeon Tomy Keychain, Marowak PC plush (this guy is for sale!), Mudkip canvas, and the 2017 Anaheim pin. (My Leafeon collection snuck in the background of this pic!)

My Hubby's collection - PC Marshadow, Cyndaquil mascot, Decidueye plush, and Sanei Greninja.

Last but not least, one of our favourite plush! Simplified Metagross (by vulpes_canis) guards our switch ^_^
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